Moving Office

At Swift Removals we understand that  today's business never stops. That's why we provide a commercial moving service "tailored" around your business. Working in conjunction with you to better suit your office needs. Our team of trusted and experienced movers is trained to move your work place furniture and belongings quickly, safely and with the utmost care. Your business never stops with Swift Removals!

How long will my move take?

Every move is unique!  Moving time really depends on the situation and number of items that you are moving. Call our office and the operation manager will provide you with a personalized estimate. A move involving large items will be quicker than one consisting of lots of smaller or unpacked items. Rain, traffic, lifts, stairs and difficult access to your propriety can also add to the time. The cargo needs to be protected and secured to be transported with care, therefore loading usually takes 30% more time than unloading. A travel time fee applies for jobs over 25km from Sydney CBD.