Moving Tips

Here are some hints and tips to help you to get organized on moving day. It is always a good idea to plan ahead to make your move more efficient and ultimately save you money. You can also give us a call and we will be happy to help!

Before Your Move

Hire good quality moving boxes and packing materials. Boxes can be stacked and are easier to carry than bags. It will save you time and money.

Sort and clean out the apartment or book cleaners if necessary.

Contact Utility companies and State authorities to notify change of address.

Booking The Lift

Very important. Where possible, contact the building manager to give him a heads up and book the lift for your move. He will provide you a set of keys used to lock the lift at one specific level with the doors open. We will fully load the lift reducing the number of trips to be made and saving you money.

Only one lift? We will do our best to make it quick. Notify your neighbors of day and hour of your move to reduce any inconvenience.

Access To Premises 

One of the main factors to consider when moving home is the access to your premises. The longer the distance between the truck and your door the longer the move will take. Plan ahead a good parking spot  for the moving truck at the pick up address and at your destination for a quicker move.

Packing Boxes

It's always a good idea to label each box with a marker. Our movers will then place them in the correct room at your new place. Wrap items such as plates and glasses using protective paper and label them as "fragile".

Boxes with books can get quite heavy. Place a few at the bottom and top it up with lighter things. Try to keep each box under 10 kg of weight.

Preparing Furniture

All furniture must be empty for easy and safe transport. Items will be carefully shifted and turned during your move. 

Beds and oversize items should be dis-assembled prior moving. Our team of movers has all the tools to do it for you but it will slightly add to the time.

Moving Your Refrigerator

Your fridge and freezer should be defrosted and empty prior moving. After the move you should wait around 2-3 hrs before turning them back on depending on model and year. This will allow for the gas to settle. Recently build models usually require 30 min only.


Moving Pots Of Plants

Moving trucks aren't designed to transport unpacked pots of plants. Ceramic, stone and terracotta are extremely fragile and the soil contains insects which might contaminate our pads and moving blankets. Call our team to check if we can move your plants and which terms and conditions apply.

Keep A Bag On The Side

Keep a few clothes and belongings in a separate bag in case you get to tired to start unpacking the same day. You can also use it for valuable or laptops if you prefer to have them with you rather than in the truck.

Check The Apartment Before You Leave

Nothing worst than unpacking your boxes and notice that one of your favorite special things as been left behind. Before leaving your place check the rooms one more time to make sure all of your belongings have been loaded in the truck